Article Three



With social Articles you can create posts, attach the featured image, set categories and tags, and more! Everything from your buddypress profile.
It supports all buddypress themes, so you don’t need to be an expert to use it!


  • Administration area in your buddypress profile (access, create, edit and delete)
  • Status administration
  • Approval workflow
  • Form builder. You can arrange and select the fields however you need – NEW!
  • Individual configuration for each field
  • Direct publish workflow
  • TinyMCE editor
  • Support for featured image. Drag and drop uploader
  • You can set categories and tags using select2
  • BuddyPress notifications when a post is published (for you and your friends)
  • Your post will be listed in your buddyPress profile
  • Admin configuration (post per page, excerpt length, show buddyPress notifications)
  • Ability to turn on/off the edit and delete option
  • Responsive design


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