Intellectual Property (IP) - EasyGovt (EG.)


I am very excited to announce about EasyGovt (EG.) educational portal equipped with technological intellectual proprietary modules within website developed after several round of discussions over 50+ researchers who excel in educational field and help us to make the software medium as simple as possible because we need to concentrate on delivery of quality educational product in 5 different languages via 3 different mode of PDF, MP3 & MP4 for the benefit of urban, sub-urban and rural students to ease their website manoeuver mechanism such as "ONE CLICK BUY" to save their time as much as possible so that they can dedicate their time in understanding the concepts and prepare well for every kind of exams.

We are also in the process of developing several artificial intelligence modules that is helping us assess student performance and help us to customize the notes focussed on student grasping power with full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development growth and productivity of their time. However, our main focus is to develop as many as possible artificial intelligence mechanisms to collect and validate information using AI to keep the cost very low at the same point of time have superior quality work for public benefit.

EasyGovt (EG.) website is an official source, location or website for PDF notes, MP3 notes & MP4 based notes & MP3 News which is a proprietary information of SkilledAnswers InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd.

Anyone who tries to nullify, replicate, or spread without any kind of authorization will be severely prosecuted as it takes too much of funds to create such quality educational material and also marketing it worldwide.

If you feel that you can contribute something to the nobel effort, please do send us an email to or whatsapp +91-9880705151.
We would be in continuous search for anyone who would like to be part of our team to serve the public.