Letter from CEO, SkilledAnswers Inc. – Launch of EasyGovt.com (EG. Web Series)


To all my fellow men,

Thank you very much! In the sense of Independence day, on the day of 15th August 2018, we had the privilege to launch EG. (EasyGovt.com) – Web Series.

We all belong to India – a nation of pride. We always get inspired hearing to our history and greatness of India from our past.

We have been working closely with many optimistic and enthusiastic people and my staff to start a venture for pro bono purpose to inspire young people to do something great to bring back the spirit of India. We realized that without proper education and information, we all have been doing something without realizing our actual purpose.

Are we proud about EG.? Yes, of course. But far more, we are grateful and humbled. We are grateful for the trust of our staff and spirit that they place in us. We are humbled by the response to our “Through People” strategy and the execution of our “Virtuous Cycle” approach to building the country. Again, thank you!


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