easygovt-eg-innovationOur innovations
EasyGovt (EG.) R&D team strongly believes that nation can prosper if there can be an innovation in educational field and EasyGovt (EG.) Team is employing technology and visual art based education to help students to relate to what's been educated, which can either be PDF, based coaching, Audio based coaching and Video based coaching where 2D, 3D and Visual Based Art will be showcased which will simplify learning.
Providing such complex solution starting at ₹1 itself to meet the huge demand in the market is itself is a magnificent innovation because of the server architecture and to provide seamless service to nook and corner of the world.
EasyGovt (EG.) Team has employed machine learning concepts which will analytically analyze the results of quiz and will educate our R&D team to evolve simpler or complex scientific methods needed to make students understand concepts.
We have developed an app to recharge the wallet of students so that they can walk into any store to have their wallet recharged in the coming days. This app is going to help us to understand the geography and demography of the areas where our students are using our services.
Added to the app, students might still opt for a physical coupon based recharging of wallet where students can purchase it from different marketplaces or nearby store to have their wallet recharged. After the recharge is completed, it's tracked by geography, which will help us manage our marketing activities.

easygovt-eg-innovation By Education, we are not focused on school or college syllabus, we are towards developing entrepreneurial growth from young minds by coaching them about career paths which they would fit in. 90% of workforce today are not working on the same field as they are educated which indicates that there would be no 100% productivity or interest which will help them grow in the field.
EG. Would contribute significantly in the field of education helping urban, suburban and rural living citizens to get the best career options by getting experts from the field and interviewing them about their career path and pitfalls which they had to go through which will help all career seekers in general.
We firmly believe that economic and social development of the country is going to happen if we fostering young minds to dream their future regardless be it jobs, entrepreneurship which will help generating largest employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost, next only to agriculture.
Small Businesses as we are seeing are not innovating, as needed which are mainly complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes significantly in the inclusive industrial development of the country.
Small Businesses or innovators if provided with proper support will widen their domain across sectors of the economy, producing diverse range of products and services to meet demands of domestic as well as global markets.