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Vendor Qualification Process & Management of Vendors:

From EasyGovt (EG.) perspective, we are here to serve and make sure that we bring in a quality deliverables and help students / job seekers to prepare their best possible way for the exam.

EasyGovt (EG.) can also work with other businesses who think that they can add value to building someone's confidence and help them prepare for the exams in such activities like Intellectual Games, Brain Teasers, Physical Games etc. However, there are going to be strict scrutiny to verify before any kind of collaboration as we will be ensuring students shouldn't get diverted away from their primary goal.

  • Assessing resume/profile of corporation/company/individual/freelancer, the suitability to our goals and also validating their competence of the party to carry out the activity or provide the material using a defined supply chain (e.g., audits, material evaluations, qualification).
  • Defining the responsibilities and communication processes ... in a written agreement between the EasyGovt (EG.) and contract acceptor.
  • Monitoring and review of the performance of the contract acceptor time to time to verify the quality of the activities, and the identification and implementation of any essential improvements as needed by time to time.
  • Monitoring incoming ingredients and materials to ensure they are from approved sources using the agreed supply chain.

EasyGovt (EG.) website is an official source, location or website for PDF notes, MP3 notes & MP4 based notes & MP3 News which is a proprietary information of SkilledAnswers InfoSolutions Pvt Ltd.

After signing the agreement, we would be discussing most of the deliverable mechanisms and anyone who tries to nullify, replicate, or spread without any kind of authorization will be severely prosecuted as it takes too much of funds to create such quality educational material and also marketing it worldwide.

If you feel that you can contribute something to the nobel effort, please do send us an email to or whatsapp +91-9880705151.
We would be in continuous search for anyone who would like to be part of our team to serve the public.