Shipping Policy

It is a policy of us (Picnart) to keep listening to your feedback, and to promise to make changes to our shipping policy to give you better control and predictability of your shipping charges, hence clarity on estimating your payments.”

  • The Shipping Policy of Picnart are of 3 types:
    • 1. Online Delivery where the customers will get a link to Download
    • 2. Shipping through Courier
    • 3. Manual Delivery (Customers have to come to the store and pick up their products)
  • For all orders, shipping fees will be calculated based on details of the courier package entered by the Picnart in the official Website
  • Starting from August 15, 2018, Customers will be able to process orders on the official Picnart website.
  • Note: Picnart has the Authority to Cancel your orders at any given moment and refund the amount of the products which were placed for orders on the company Official website.