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easygovt-eg-subscribeEasyGovt (EG.) Provides a subscription service that allows our esteemed members to access daily researched news headlines through audio format and also linked the detail notes where they can subscribe by opting it on a click and some of the videos created which will be posted online which are streamed over internet to certain internet connected devices which can access websites and apps. Some of the terms below are governing the usage of the service including all features and functionalities, interfaces as well as the content associated by our service.

Some of the services are offered at free of cost and some of them will be continued on a small amount of payment confirming the subscriptions of the service which has to be delivered with quality. The news will be segregated based on the importance of it to be known and understood about the approach for the exam. The way we understand the news is also very important and this would be our main area of focus by offering this service.